layton: no, this ball is something that a young man from Japan who plays soccer forgot.
layton: he isn’t just any soccer player. it seems that the soccer he performs is called ‘choujigen soccer’. 
layton: come to think of it, luke, the young man earlier left an interesting puzzle.
layton: he said ‘nantoka naru sa’, so why not try solving it now?

(I don’t actually play inazuma eleven so I have no idea who these characters are (or what is up with their hair, though I think the seiyuu for the pale-faced guy is in azran legacies - you’ll know when you see his character) but this was really cute o3o it’s one of the bonus puzzles you can get, though I don’t think it’ll be localised? there’s also the awesome sprite of layton throwing the soccer ball but I have no idea how to capture it. m(_ _;)m)



Dear Tumblr users who I don’t know in real life,

I really like seeing your personal posts, even the whiny angsty ones, and particularly the strange boring ones. I like these little windows into your lives even if I’ve never seen pictures of you and all I really know is that we like a few of the same tv shows. Please continue to let me read your to do lists and your conversations with strange relatives.

Thank you,

Stranger from the internet.